Bathroom is kind of sanitary room in home so it is responsible with occupant's hygiene level. Having clean and neat bathroom is required to gain wellbeing and healthy life. Beside, you should take a bath before starting your busy day in order to be confident when meeting other people

Peter & William Harris, founders

Bathroom Interior Designs

At Harris Architects, we create more than just housing. We create a spaces to live, love and feel at home.

alluring bathroom interior designs ideas in teal and white color scheme feats white wooden wainscoting and decorative polka black white flooring plan and compact towel rack
amusing rustic bathroom interior design with stands free elliptical bathtub below standing steel faucet and plain grey wall paint color over wooden flooring plan
appealing alluring bathroom interior designs ideas in dramatic dull lighting and rectangle fix bathtub feats black teak platform along with high gloss furnished sink cabinet vanity
awesome girl bathroom design with decorative pink white wallpaper along with mirrored folded room divider feats square bay window and free standing bathtub
cool alluring bathroom interior designs ideas on sustainable wooden flooring plan and free standing pedestal bathtub feats hanging bay window along with plain white wall paint
contemporary bright bathroom interior design with dazzling aluminum bathub below low hanging bright pendant lamp along with double rustic floor lamp lanterns
lovely master bathroom interior design in all white color scheme and natural bright lighting concept feats free standing elliptical bathtub


Cleanliness aspect must be concerned in bathroom so you can be passionate to take a bath. This time, I want to talk about alluring bathroom interior design feats sleek cool fixtures. I hope that you can gain lots of inspirations by these images below.

Let's start the virtual tour! First amusing image shows ultra modern bathroom design for small space in all white color scheme. This bathroom has stands free elliptical bathtub besides standing faucet.

There is extensive vertical window covered with horizontal white window blind so plenty of sunshine can be blocked. Extensive white wooden armoire is put at the left side of compact sink cabinet vanity with open storages built in.